Coffee Culture in Corvallis

Who we are…

We have built our business around our community with quality at the foundation. Our commitment to humble hospitality and exceptional coffee has been the driving force to creating the ultimate experience for the people of Corvallis.  We’ll never be satisfied because we believe excellence is a moving target.

It all started…

… 20 some years ago with a little 200 square foot drive through coffee shop.  We never dreamed we would be where we are now.  The recipe was simple,  plant deep roots in your community,  build meaningful relationships and focus on quality.  We have grown to 4 locations in Corvallis.  We roast our own coffee and bake our own pastries.  It’s all local and all for you.


We have 4 retail locations in Corvallis, each providing a unique experience.  If you’d like to learn a little more about each on you can…


We are local.  We source our dairy from Lochmead farms 25 miles down the road,  we feature local products from Stahlbush farms just across the Willamette river, we roast our coffee and bake our baked good right here in Corvallis.  We pride ourselves on serving our community with products from our community.


We’re Just humble folks trying to create a genuine coffee experience for our local community.

  • Roasting

    We proudly roast coffee on a 5k US Roasters Corp. coffee roaster. Learn about the process and our approach.

  • Employment

    We are always looking for passionate, enthusiastic, and hardworking individuals who love coffee and are interested in learning more.

  • Donations

    We are proud to be a part of the Corvallis community, If you have a good way for us to be more involved please drop us a line about how we can help.

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